"We build it, we deploy it, we manage and maintain high availability & quality of service in production." --Ethos

A little history...

Lifetouch / Shutterfly - School/Sports/Seniors/Church Photos - Cloud Automation

Ditech / Greentree - Early Online Financial Loan Company - AWS Solutions Architect

MnSCU - Minnesota Schools, Colleges, and Universities : Hennepin Tech - Lead Software Engineer

Minneapolis Central Library - County Libraries - Web Services Developer

Lessons learned from building a foundation.

"An appeal to Principles is the condition of any considerable reconstruction of society, because social institutions are the visible expression of the scale of moral values which rules the minds of individuals, and it is impossible to alter institutions without altering that moral valuation."

  1. Inspire people to create. It’s even more effective than money.
  2. Challenge people to explore, to learn and to get comfortable with uncertainty.
  3. Find ways to help others on the path to self reliance find firm footing.
  4. Help others write/break rules to allow them to achieve their aspirations, goals & dreams.
  5. Treat others better than the way you’d want to be treated.
  6. Don’t criticize for fun. Do it when it helps educate, even if it’s not entertaining.
  7. Stick with your tactics long after everyone else is bored with them.
  8. It’s okay to let the pressure cease now and then.
  9. Don’t make threats. Do or don’t do.
  10. Build a team with the Capacity and the patience to do the hard work that needs doing.
  11. If you bring your positive ideas to the fore, again and again, you’ll raise the bar for everyone else.
  12. Solve your own problems before you spend a lot of time finding problems for others.
  13. Celebrate people, free them to do even more, make it about the cohort and invite everyone along.
  14. Disagree with Systems of Thought & Institutions of Power, not with people or individuals.
  15. Don’t Hire intelligent people and tell them what to do. Hire brilliant people to show you what you don’t know.